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Organics Colour Systems Products

The organics system

Organic Colour Systems

Serenity is proud to use Organic Colour Systems products in the salon. Each element of the Organics Colour System range uses more certified organic ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals than traditional hair care products. Hair coloured with Organic Colour Systems products looks naturally glossier and radiant. A wide selection of vivid and natural tones is available.

Product contents

The Organics Colour System range is based on certified organic ingredients, with the minimum of chemicals. Steering clear of ammonia, the natural, organic formula maintains hair’s protein and moisture balance. You won’t find plastics, parabens, lauryl sulphites or sodium chloride (salt) in the Organics Colour System. Industrial-grade peroxide has been replaced with gentler pharmaceutical grade and sunflower oil provides a natural UV filter.

What it means for clients

The state-of-the-art colour, curl and care technology found in the Organics Colour System creates vibrant, lasting effects but is kinder to hair than traditional products. Fewer chemicals mean a reduced risk of allergic reaction and skin irritation. Products are also PH-balanced to skin and hair.